Visualization of children's nightmares

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Today, I will tell you about one surprising project of the end of the sixtieth years.

But at first – a couple of words about his author. This is Artur Tress also the operator from New York is a photographer. Well, that is there he was born and grew up. In New York. In Brooklyn. Yes, not the most safe district of the city. Actually, began to remove still when was a teenager near Coney Island where he day after day, hours removed in the thrown amusement parks. Then he spent five years on a round-the-world travel, removed generally in Asia and in Africa, mostly what will be called then the ethnographic photo that as a result led it to its first professional assignment as the photographer in the U.S. Governments who fixed the disappearing national cultures of the Appalachians on a film. Actually, he can be considered the first ecological photographer. He removed several years how the person influences the planet and culture. That is, as he says – what the mankind is capable to go for the sake of money to.
There now, and in the late sixties he asked children of the friends to tell the dreams and nightmares. With details, details and some nuances.

Then this series was born. And it is such … You see, in it nightmares of children not only in the present are shown, but also those which can be begun with the words "and when I will grow up big". Probably, this such reading of Jung. I do not know.

I am confident in another.
I once participated in therapy when shooting from the woman helps it to look in a new way at itself and to cease to snub for the invented imperfection. It is such shooting which are not processed, directly from the camera are completely transferred to the participant of a session, and on primary carrier – are destroyed. And so, psychologists confirmed then that it works. And I think that Artur is right, saying that then it helped many children to get rid of children's nightmares, having just looked at them from outside.

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