Евгений Русак
I'm Evgeny Rusak. I was born in Russia, in Moscow, in 1970.

It may seem strange, but I am an artist, an expert in environmental programs, and the author of several large works on history and information flows. And all these are not my dreams, but the statuses confirmed by various international institutions.

My biography is rather complicated. Let's start with the fact that my education is really artistic. I graduated from the Moscow School of arts and crafts — a branch of the Higher School of folk arts, specializing in fabric artist. But at the same time, a little later, I graduated from the higher courses of the WRA "media life System" and "Information pressure: domination and progress".

I managed to work both as a creative director in advertising holdings and as an art director in major Russian media. He was able to create and develop a communication Agency. He was an adviser to the Director General for external communications of the international division of Rosatom Corporation.

Among the most notable international environmental projects in the development, management or information support of which I participated can be identified giving the Ross sea (Antarctica) the status of a Marine protected area, the presentation of Russia's position at the international forum "Water resources" in the Vatican, the establishment and implementation of sustainable contacts between Russia and leading international environmental organizations.

Since 2014, I have been trying hard to focus only on painting and global environmental projects.

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