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Visualization of children's nightmares
The second dinner of the ambassadors of the member States of the Antarctic Alliance
Welcome, thank you for coming, I am very glad to welcome you here. I, Evgeny Rusak, and this site is about what I do, what happens to me and not far from me, what I think, what I'm working on and what I don't want to think about. Write, call, I will always glad to your letters to me.

Last events

05 Feb 2020
As an expert on Russian contemporary art and an artist, he took part in the opening of the exhibition of Aristarchus Lentulov
Russian Russian contemporary art expert and artist who continues to develop this art, I took part in the opening of an exhibition dedicated to the Russian avant-garde artist Aristarchus Lentulov at the Zaryadye Park underground Museum on February 5.
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23 Oct 2019
I gave a series of lectures on visualization of information flows
Visualization of information channels now seems to be some incredible modern discovery. But it all started a long time ago and I'm one of the few people in the world who tracked its development.
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04 Sep 2019
I took part in the discussion of the results of waste management on the territory of nature reserves and Specially Protected Territories
Waste in nature reserves is generally one of the most important topics. How to form, sort, export, structure them. And while how to build these systems is not completely clear. But we started.
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24 Aug 2019
My work at the Russian Cultural center in Washington
August 23, 2019 in Washington opened an exhibition that featured my work and which I curated
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03 Jun 2019
I'm going to draw in Chernobyl
I'll try to capture the last summer before the tourists rush here.
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27 Mar 2019
Took part in the X international forum «Ecology»
On March 26, I spoke at the X international forum "Ecology" in Moscow.
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Forthcoming events

November 2020
In late autumn in new York will hold an exhibition «Moscow on the Hudson»
The exhibition will consist of my works and works of several more Russian artists