I've been to Chernobyl a few times. I like to be there - there are no people, and you get into an abandoned city that only those who came there for adrenaline and horror photos need. But there are no horrors there. It's just an empty quiet city that takes nature slowly.

And no, there is no radiation (the only object that gives some background is a ladle that was used in primary work in the reactor zone), there are no mutants running on the roads and there is very quiet. And it is not Chernobyl at all - it is the city of Pripyat and the villages that are near it. To the sarcophagus itself on this arrival I did not go.

But I know those who developed technologies to eliminate the accident and then used them directly on the spot. In the early days. Nice, nice people, with a good education. Kind and smiling. Who didn't allow a real tragedy. The radiation was not allowed to enter the ground and groundwater, so that the damage spread. And whose services Japan refused when Fukushima happened.

And I remind you, it's not over. Fukushima continues and where it will lead - no one knows.
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