People who fight COVID-19. In hospitals, in the subway, on the streets-everywhere

I am now drawing those who meet this COVID-19, the same coronavirus in my city. I draw because it seems to me that the world is changing right now and soon everything will be different. And those people who now proudly wear masks so successfully purchased before the panic, who buy tons of cereals and toilet paper, go on vacation and wait with horror for dismissal - they are only now. Tomorrow everything will change - and so will they. And I want to somehow capture these moments, but it is by drawing them – because in this way, I sort of let their fears and victories pass through me, so that they become my practical experience. Also, I don't want it to be forgotten. We have so much going on, and so many information flows, that we forget what happens to us just a week later. And no lessons. No conclusion. No images or emotions. And this is not right. After all, we are people who feel and experience. And we must try to keep this in ourselves.
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