I gave a series of lectures on visualization of information flows

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I was called to give a series of lectures on visualization. That is, not only about a particular case or direction, but about Visualization in General. 

In fact, it is really believed that we all now live in a new era-the era of communications, or rather audiovisual communications. The visual register in humans is increasingly used. We stop reading big texts, write a lot and more often begin to communicate with pictures. So what is happening to society today, how is the format of our communication changing? Does the visual series really displace the text? And what is it-we become just dumber or information flows that want to reach us, really too much and they use all possible inputs? 

Well, I am trying to answer all these questions within the framework of the Higher school of Personnel Management at the Ranepa site.

I tell with the maximum coverage, starting with the history of this phenomenon – well, maybe starting not with rock paintings, but still from the moment when visualization can really be called visualization of information flows – that is, a real selection of symbols and images that are read and perceived exactly as the authors intended. Well, that is, since 1630, when Christoph Steiner used in his map of the heavenly Bodies symbols of the planets and built graphs of their movement.

And how data visualization separated from information visualization.

About the time series of William Playfair, about the visual system of Nicolas Auguste Tissot, about the dynamic scheme of Jon snow on the spread of cholera in London and about a lot more.

I was applauded, by the way.

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