I'm going to draw in Chernobyl

Thoughts aloud
I love Chernobyl and Pripyat. It's quiet, empty and very beautiful. Like all abandoned cities. 

But it is gradually being destroyed, and then the authorities of Ukraine are trying to make it a tourist area and then it will turn into a path of entertainment and go into the past all that is really connected with it. With tragedy, with heroism people, with a sense of abandonment and hopelessness. While there at every step it is felt that there were people here and that they here in an instant gathered and left, and then there arrived marauders, adventurers, took photos and too left. and the world takes what man once took from it. 

But, apparently, all. Soon there will be tourists and the city will be stolen for Souvenirs. In principle, of course, do not worry: the only thing here is a little fonit - bucket of death. I drew it too, they worked in the reactor zone. And so-all clean and quiet. And foxes run.
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