Prepared and opened an exhibition in the Northern tunnel of Zaryadye Park

Thoughts aloud
When I proposed to hold this exhibition, it seemed to me that there is a simple and understandable set of content vectors, using which, without complicating the overall structure, you can convey to the viewer the path literally passed by everyone and recorded by completely different artists. Yes, by making it as clear and recognizable as possible. So that on each huge, three-by-three-meter Billboard displayed, they would look at it or look at it and additionally read some short text accompaniment, exclaim – " Oh! Yes! Precisely! In the same way it was!". At the same time, it should not matter at all whether an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences or a welder is standing in front of the shield. It was supposed to be a General visual series. A General mosaic image that is clear to everyone when added together.

The set of these images was really common to everyone - a common set of images for all social groups, recorded from several points of view – a completely unique situation that, I think, should have been fixed.

As a result, we slightly complicated the structure, but, in principle, I think we succeeded in the project.

Well, I am happy that I took part in it both as a curator and as an artist, and it all started with my drawings and contacts from the telegram channel "Coronavirus Art".

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