As an expert on Russian contemporary art and an artist, he took part in the opening of the exhibition of Aristarchus Lentulov

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On February 5, an exhibition dedicated to the Russian avant-garde artist Aristarchus Lentulov opened in the underground Museum of Zaryadye Park. The exhibition presented the master's works, as well as archival documents that told about his life.

This is the second exhibition of the project # 3_ in the updated underground Museum "Zaryadya".

The exhibition was attended by paintings written by Lentulov in the 1910s — "Greek. Sketch of the mural" (1910), "Portrait of M. P. Lentulova in a blue dress" (1913), "Portrait of M. P. Lentulova against a birch tree" (1914-1915). In addition, the exhibition was decided to present the works of the great — grandson of the famous avant-gardist-Fedor Lentulov.

Aristarchus Lentulov is considered one of the key figures of the Russian avant-garde. He was the author of bold experiments that changed the artistic image of the XX century. Lentulov became one of the founders of the society of reformers of Russian art "Jack of diamonds". It gave rise to many trends of the avant-garde in Russia. The exhibition presents works written during the existence of the Jack of diamonds. Aristarchus Lentulov defined the main principle of paintings created at this time, the term color dynamics. According to this principle, the active movement of color seems to permeate landscapes, portraits, and still lifes.

The management of Zaryadya Park and the management Of the Foundation for the Development of Contemporary Art invited me to the opening as an expert on Russian contemporary art and an artist who continues to develop this art.

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