I took part in the discussion of the results of waste management on the territory of nature reserves and Specially Protected Territories

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I took part in the discussion of the results of established practices on waste minimization in the territory of Specially Protected Natural Areas and reserves (PAS) and the development of infrastructure solutions taking into account the current regulation. We heard the results of the work in the TRANS-Baikal national Park last summer in this direction. The work was attended by representatives of protected areas, non-profit sector, professionals actively involved in cooperation with national parks and reserves through waste and environmental education, as well as business that helps protected areas in different ways. 

Actually, the very agenda of the event was concise and simple:
1) solid municipal waste management according to the letter of the law, ways of implementing separate waste collection, architecture of waste minimization measures: what provisions are included in the guidelines and how they will allow to systematize the aspirations to optimize waste management in protected areas;
2) model solutions and best practices: Russian SPNA experience in separate waste collection, in cooperation with local residents and tourists, with tour facilities and tour operators;

3) identification of ways to enhance cooperation of protected areas, local governments, business and non-profit sector.

But the discussion was very rich, and most importantly, it turned out that in reserves and protected areas, almost on their own systems are built to work with waste. And these systems work and can become models of similar work in the future in all such territories.

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