Discussion club «Cities in the Arctic – do they have a future?»

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The event was called "brainstorming" in most media, but in General, two points of view that actually complement each other collided. Conventionally, they can be divided: "local" - those who live and work in the Russian Arctic, and "Muscovites", many of them also work with the Russian Arctic, but live in Moscow.

Valery Irgashev, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for the preservation of biological diversity of the Kola Peninsula "Murmansk salmon". Svetlana Sharapenko, Creator and guide to a Private guide in Karelia, Anna Klepikovskaya, Director of the Association for the preservation of natural and cultural heritage "Voice of the North", Director of development in the Forest hotel "Golubino" said that as a result of regional and Federal policy, jobs are reduced and there is an outflow of population. 

Certainly reduced, of course. Just old economic models have ceased to work and it is necessary to introduce new schemes. For example, to implement the proposal of Gleb Tyurin, President of the Initiative Foundation, an expert of the Commission on municipal science under the Committee on science of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, on the introduction of the concept and the creation of a local economy in the territory, which will operate at the expense of local resources. This transition is possible with the help of business communities, however, it is necessary to provide them with administrative and financial support.

As one of participants DK, Alexander Puzanov, General Director of Fund "Institute for urban Economics" in the Russian Arctic, must work ", the economy is not profit, and the economy of risk reduction," is it was said about the development of the local economy. 

But while the local economy-more words and development. My developments in this area have been taken into account by the participants and we will continue to work in this direction.

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