Alexey Bogolyubov and his Venice

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And again a small tour of the world gallery. This view of Venice was painted by a man who was originally a brilliant and recognized marine painter, but was looking for and in recent years he painted cities and experimented so seriously and vividly with color and brushstroke that he can be called one of those who created Russian impressionism. 

This view of Venice was written by Alexey Bogolyubov. 

Alexey Petrovich Bogolyubov is a skilled landscape painter, master of the Russian battle Marina. He participated in exhibitions of the "Association of Wanderers". Grandson Of Alexander Radishchev. He was the founder of the drawing school and art Museum named after Radishchev in Saratov.

Well, what else to say... was born in the village of Pomerania, in the Novgorod province, in the family of a landowner, a retired Colonel. His father died when he was very young and he was given to education and training in the Naval cadet corps, in St. Petersburg. He served in the Navy with the rank of Midshipman, many-many walked the seas and oceans, and having visited London was conquered by the canvases of Joseph William Turner, and in Madeira met Karl Bryullov. Well, he began to write.

He went to study at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, defended himself, became a "pensioner" of the Academy, was sent abroad and worked for Isabet in Paris and Achenbach in Dusseldorf.
And then he became the chief artist of the General naval staff and performed a huge series of paintings on the history of the Russian Navy. Actually, then he won the fame of an outstanding painter-historiographer, a magnificent marine painter.

At some point he retired and moved to Paris. He joined the Barbizon school and almost became a real "Russian Barbizon" himself - his motives and angles became simpler and more unpretentious, but the color schemes United by a common tone were absolutely incredible. 

Ah here is, exactly and all, perhaps. In the Tretyakov gallery there are several of his brilliant, such "foggy" works-go, look, he is magnificent. And Yes, in the Tretyakov gallery just his last work, those that can be said to be closely adjacent to the forefront of impressionism.

Alexey Bogolyubov. «Venice. Near the railroad. Noon.» 1872 

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