How to look like the gates to Hell

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Of course, talking about the visualization that people create is clearer. But sometimes it's amazing how we don't know what's going on around us, how what we see isn't what we think it is. Created by nature or by man, but by chance and how it has become something quite different, acquired the image of something completely unimaginable and sometimes terrifying. And the most amazing thing is that these images exist sometimes for decades, without affecting us in any way. Have you ever been to Turkmenistan? I've been a couple of times. And went strange places. But sometimes very beautiful. And yet there are incredible things. For example, in Turkmenistan there is an open gate to hell. Natural. Wild. Close to be something not just becomes creepy and corny squeezes from the horror of the throat and standing there, fascinated and crushed by what you see. Yes, a natural Gateway to Hell. And they are still open and it is unclear how many more will be. They were discovered almost fifty years ago. Back in 1971. Then, near the village of Darvaza, Soviet geologists with beards and guitars discovered an accumulation of underground gas. We started preliminary drilling of an exploratory well and immediately came across an underground cavern – well, emptiness, if in Russian. Well, then-as in the novels about the Apocalypse: the earth opened up, failed and formed a terrible hole filled with gas. The rig with all the equipment, the tractor trucks-everything fell into this hole. Thank God, that people then not have suffered – even scratches no one not was. But gas something in fact on the surface-a wild number of. And that he did not go outside – after all, anyway, it's all very harmful-then decided to set fire to it. Ah and that. ' ll burn Out and all will again quietly and well. Geologists, singing songs and drinking, made a report with a forecast, which roughly estimated the size of the accumulated gas and with tablets predicted that the fire will last for several days. But as we often do with forecasts-wrong. Since 1971, natural gas coming out of the crater has been burning continuously day and night. The village of Darvaza was demolished in 2004, because it has long been impossible to live there, and in 2010, the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited Darvaza with his presence, stood almost on the edge and said that the crater should be filled up, or some other measures should be taken to limit its impact on gas production in other fields of the region. Because gas is important, and it burns out here. Said so-and left. A year later, the Canadians came down there and found some incredible bacteria. Surprised and also left. Neither Mr. Berdimuhamedov nor the Canadians had any effect on the Gates to hell. They remain open. And it's still incredibly beautiful. Just very scary. Here is a close – just scary as hell.

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