When a picture means more than the one who takes it

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Today I want say couple of words about how, that the sometimes means more, than prowess moreover, who its makes-Ah paints or absolves. Ah day today such, that can be tell this history. Today there was an incident that went down in the annals as " the great photo essay." That's who would not shoot it – and it was filmed by about two dozen people – all these shootings are called great. Well, the picture was so good that in another way, this shoot just couldn't call. 

Today, October 22, 1895, there was a crash at the Montparnasse station. 

The passenger train, unable to brake on the slope, knocked out the track stop, left the station platform, broke through the wall of the building and fell from a height to the street. 
Five people were injured in the crash: a locomotive crew, two train passengers and a firefighter, but they survived. The only victim of the disaster was an evening newspaper saleswoman, Marie-Augustine Aguilar, whose kiosk was hit by a collapsed wall. The woman was filling in for her husband that day.

The Western railway paid in full for the saleswoman's funeral and established a pension for her two children. The driver Guillaume-Marie Pelerin was sentenced to a prison term of two months, as well as to pay a fine of 50 francs to the relatives of the deceased. The head of the train was sentenced to a fine of 25 francs.

And twelve photographers who shot this locomotive hanging on the wall of the house were awarded as the best photographers of the year in various communities and creative unions.

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