The first ever professional visualization by Nicolas de Larmessin

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Of course, the creation of professional visual images is an eternal theme and we have all seen it a hundred times. But these sheets are perhaps the earliest professional visualization. And yet, at the same time, they were a textbook, and it is for the beginning of the XVIII century, it means a lot. It is around 1700 - there is no exact Dating, the French painter and engraver Nicolas de Larmessin produced a series of 97 engravings, each of which had a man consisting of tools or the results of his work. Excellent detail and most importantly-even we now, without the text and explanatory notes, it is clear-who these people are and what they do. And sometimes how. And you know what I was thinking? Well, Yes, about professions and specialties, just what they are today. I mean, they're not real. Lead to nothing, nothing people who possess them and who write beautiful resumes about their specialties can not present to the world. You know, something you can touch with your hands. Yeah... well, piles of reports unless. No, I understand, of course. But look-here, then everything is clear. And what if we release such a series now? After all, complete nonsense will turn out. No tools, no results.

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