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Well, Yes, today is the sixth, tomorrow is Christmas and I want to tell something Christmas, right? Well. Tell. 

Here, look, this card is unanimously recognized by all the great researchers and other idlers as the first Christmas card in the world. She was born like this. In 1843, sir Henry Cole, the future Director of the Victoria and albert Museum, found that for the past few years he had spent too much time writing greetings to anyone. So he asked one of his friends, the artist John Calcott HORSLEY, to cut out a lithograph of himself and three generations of his family gathered to celebrate Christmas, with the text "Merry Christmas and happy New year" and blank lines in which he would have to enter the recipient's name. Yes, at first he planned to do so. But then I realized that this could be earned and asked HORSLEY to add another line, where it would be necessary to enter the name of the sender. And then he printed 1,000 copies, half in black and white for 5P, and half hand-painted for 6P. He himself, as a result, did not send these cards. He said that he did not want to merge with those who were "busy sending the same greetings."

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