The first exhibition "Stephanos"

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On January 9, 1908, the first exhibition "Stephanos", organized by young Russian avant-garde artists led by Mikhail Larionov, opened in Moscow, in the new building of the Stroganov school on Myasnitskaya street. A number of exhibitors from the Blue rose Association and future members of the Jack of diamonds also participated. The exhibition caused a lot of controversy, worked for twenty days and in April moved to St. Petersburg. 

When they say "a lot of controversy", it should be understood that the criticism of the exhibition was terrible. Everyone scolded her. Left-right-it has caused all rejection. The left accused Larionov that the zazhravshiesya bourgeois quite already ofigeli, and the right-that this left youth does not know how to draw and is not going to learn.

There are no photos from the exhibition, but here is a list of paintings I saw and Larionov's "Walk" was there. Well, here it is.

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