Crushed cans out of porcelain and with pictures of vases of the Ming dynasty

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You know, here's the weird thing. I did not read what is written in the abstract for the exhibition Lei Xu - I, frankly, was not at the opening: just did not have time - visas, tickets... but I'm sure that by creating hundreds of these crumpled porcelain jars and painting them in exact imitation of small Ming vases, I think he's hiding some kind of humorless grin at our lopsided progress, at all this love of disposable objects, and, perhaps, at what we leave behind-garbage that can't last longer than a few minutes and that can never be beautiful, no matter how much Warhol tries to prove us otherwise. In fact, ironically, we probably soon wear itself will disintegrate after a few hours wear - but why would she longer every morning to get a new collection. And houses, I think, will fall apart and turn into dust in a year or two - new city plans and new architectural fashions will rule the ball everywhere. Well, since now the cars we break down strictly on schedule, and phones after six months of operation cease to transmit a signal and need to be recycled, our progress is moving, apparently, in this direction. Toward a disposable environment. Towards an ideal consumer society. With the fastest possible period of renewal of everything that surrounds us. But won't we drown in our own shit?

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