"Church in Kislovodsk" by Aristarchus Lentulov

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By the way, Yes. Aristarchus Lentulov's Kislovodsk series, I think, is absolutely delightful. This picture, it is called " Kislovodsk landscape with doors in the center (Landscape with gates)", it is in the Tretyakov gallery, as far as I remember. But the second significant work of Kislovodsk series - "the Church in Kislovodsk" - it is in the Perm state art gallery. 

And even though Lentulov all remember the way he Jack of diamonds twice and ran in Surikovka taught, and pictures with Moscow more related to - well, "St. Basil Cathedral" and "Night at the Patriarch ponds", but you drove sometime in Nizhniy Lomov is a city like this. This here is if from Ryazan in Perm on a highway to go, then he already on the entrance to Perm will - there and house Lentulova is worth - is beautiful and improbable - and at all, walk on the streets of the, immediately realize, that on fact he entire life painted...

As it is, Yes. Kislovodsk series is incredibly beautiful.

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