Visualization and education: why children may now start to think the Earth is shaped like a crystal

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Yes, perhaps someone will say that I bow, but I do not think so. 

It seems to me that the visual images received as the first knowledge in early childhood remain very firmly in the mind and over time, quite often, displace the later ones that a person receives under pressure in educational institutions. Yes, it's a fairly common story. But that this will happen, no one really thinks. 

And then we begin to say that " our children are absolutely not literate." But, excuse me, where do others come from, who knows what Godel's incompleteness theorem is, who was and what savonarol did, and for what Archbishop Luke received the Stalin prize of the first degree? Where did they come from? 

Look, soon it will be difficult for children to explain what shape the earth is, because smart uncles have figured out how to make cheap globes! Isn't that great? Now the globe will cost five cents, and there will be a lot of it. 

And all children will know that the Earth is shaped like a crystal.

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