A visualization that tries to hide one nightmare always becomes a new nightmare

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Trying to visually smooth out their own nightmares, redirect them, make a fairy tale, often turns into a bigger nightmare. And examples this mass. but one of the most eerie is the example of Isla De Las Munecas or - as it is also called - Ile Aux Dolls. Or rather, not only the Islands, or, to be honest, the island here and does secondary, although indicative. In fact, this is an example of its owner and sole occupant. And the island.. well, it's probably one of the creepiest places on the planet right now, well, of course, I've seen. but if to tell the story of the owner, the a-Aki will be the history of the island. It is an island on one of The Xochimilco canals, South of Mexico city. Such a small island, where, as everyone in Mexico knows, the Ghost of a girl who once-many years ago - drowned in the canal constantly haunts. She drowned and was fished out by the only resident and owner of the island, don Julino Santana. And as he fished her out, he was so excited that for some reason he decided that the spirit of the little girl still lives on his island and decided to please and calm him somehow. And he began to hang on the trees dolls that bought and just collected in the neighborhood. He did it for almost 50 years, and then he drowned himself. And his body was found in the same place as the body of the little girl. Then the island was closed-there was a trial about the inheritance. And now the infamous for all of Mexico Isla De Las Muñecas is open to visitors. And it's an incredibly creepy place. It's the scariest thing I've ever seen in my life. And a lot of people think don Julino went crazy when he fished out that girl's body. But in fact-everything is much worse and sadder. Don Julino was known for the fact that his relationship with his parents was somehow terrifying and in the end his mother committed suicide in front of him with curses in his address. As if to avenge some of his misdeeds. He was 17 years old and five years lived with a dark, almost constantly silent father. Then father died, and young man remained one. Two years later, he fished out the girl's corpse. I think it is obvious that these dolls in the trees he somehow tried to solve not the problem of the drowned girl-he did not know them. He solved his own problems that way. He visualized them. Turning his inner pain into something he saw every day. Created a visual nightmare and lived in it. And I don't think that solved his internal problem.

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